Mini Packs

Introducing our range of Mini Toiletry Packs, specifically designed for Air BnB, Bed & Breakfast and small order clients.

We know that many of our small order clients may not be ready to purchase cartons of products, so have designed these Mini Packs especially for you.

Advantages of ordering our Mini Packs:

  • Convenient, Economical and Available now!
  • Minimum order quantity is 20 packs.
  • Individually packaged in resealable plastic bags, ready to unpack and leave in your guest bathrooms.
  • Nine different product ranges to select from.
  • Paraben, Gluten & Phthalate free products, with vegetable-based soaps.
  • Not tested on animals.

“It is a fabulous service you provide. So great to be able to order in smaller quantities.”

Each Mini Pack contains:


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower Gel
  • Body lotion
  • Soap
Optional Extras if required:


    • Shower Caps
    • Dental Kits
    • Grooming Kits
    • Sanitary Bags
    • Combs
Automatic Stock Replenishment

Do you need stock on a regular basis but have a lack of storage? Then take advantage of our automatic stock replenishment system!

How does it work?

Once you’ve decided how many EziPack Minis you need, we will send out the same quantity on a regular basis, ie; monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly; whichever suits you best.

We ALWAYS strive to work with you to make your life as easy as possible, especially when it comes to helping you please your guests!

Click below to find out more about your preferred mini toiletries range and place an order:

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Who do we supply?

Mini Care Mates is an Australian company supplying a range of customised, environmentally friendly toiletry packs and amenities to companies and organisations around Australia. We have a product range to suit every budget, from economical to the more luxurious.

We supply many of the hospitals in Western Australia and across the country, as well as events, nursing homes, charitable organisations, disaster situations and accommodations.

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